Risk Effective

StrategyVaR Associates LLP is an energy risk consulting firm, delivering
innovative risk management and bill validation software to the UK energy
procurement broker market.

Our headline software products include: 

StrategyVaR-Risk Management - a market leading web-based tool
developed for the analysis and selection of risk-effective energy procurement strategies.

StrategyVar-Bill Validation - a newly designed, fully comprehensive
modern system for the complete invoice validation process.

Risk Management

Riskmanagement produc thumbtWith a full suite of reports, StrategyVaR is tailored for the risk reporting requirements of energy procurement brokers and corporate buyers. On the analytical side, the software measures the potential risk and financial impact on a flexible procurement strategy. Learn More >

Bill Validation

Web Based produrement ToolStrategyVar-Bill Validation is designed as a flexible invoice validation system for the energy procurement professional.
It went into commercial production in early 2016 and currently manages 7000+ sites. Learn More >